Daily Prompt: Mentor Me.

There’s a lot of people who have helped me to become who I am today. Some have helped me artistically, career-wise, being more patient, and even eating well. Though I have to say these people, my wonderful friends, have been my mentors. Many of them have been with me since first or second grade and others I’ve met later and we’ve stayed friends for years. To these wonderful and inspiring people, I hope they know how much they mean to me and how I think they are more than mentors but hero’s in their own right.

Some of these heroes are teachers, soon to be health professionals, writers, artists, and other professionals. They mean so much to me and have helped me to be who I am today. They have helped me to learn about a wide range of things and to even help myself more too. I have learned to be more patient and calmer (though still have a long way to go on those at times) and to be healthier.

As of right now, I have decided to go vegetarian as it is very helpful. I admit, I actually feel better inside. Like poisons, that were inside, are slowly leaving. Granted I am still overweight but it will take time and patience to lose it, I know I am on my way to do so.

I have also worked hard to be better at writing and art. It has taken awhile and in some things there’s still more work to be done but I am getting there definitely. My web design classes I have gotten all A’s on projects, etc. My graphic design classes have been B level but when I have designed things for freelance work, clients have been very happy with what I have given them. My writing classes have ranged from A- to a B. (Seriously, how could anyone get an A- in Writing 300 at UB? It’s almost unheard of!)

So to these hero’s who have helped me so much, I thank you from my heart. You mean the world to me and I know I can’t express it more so and sometimes not as much as I should but you should know that I appreciate everything you all have done for me and to help me to become better.